The Illinois CIBER serves a national resource for international business education and research by supporting a variety of programs for students, faculty (K-12, community college and university level), and businesses. By increasing global awareness, helping to internationalize the curriculum, supporting business foreign languages, and providing skill development, the Illinois CIBER offers international business opportunities for its many constituents. See the calendar for a complete list of our upcoming offerings.

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For Students

International Business Immersion Programs (IBIPs)

The Illinois CIBER has expanded the opportunities for students to have a meaningful overseas experience through the International Business Immersion Programs (IBIPs). The information for these programs is located in the "For Students" section of our site.

Certificate Program in Global Business Culture with Area Specialization

The Illinois CIBER administers a campus-wide certificate program in collaboration with the nine area and thematic study centers on campus. The certificate is comprised of four components that total five semester courses and an international experience. The course requirements include two international business courses, a business foreign-language class, and two area studies courses. The international experience may be either a study abroad program or an overseas internship lasting at least six weeks. The area studies courses, foreign language study, and study-abroad experience correspond to an area study center (Africa, East Asia, Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean, South Asia and the Middle East, or Russia, Eastern Europe, and Eurasia) or to a thematic center (global studies, international business, or arms control, disarmament, and international security). The certificate program helps students develop strong international business skills, increasing their marketability in the eyes of future employers. Students in the certificate program receive priority for CIBER study abroad and for overseas internship travel grants. This program's information is located in the "For Students" section of our site.

Certificate Program in Global Business Culture Travel Grants

CIBER supports participation in study abroad by students in the Certificate in Global Business Culture program through its semi-annual travel awards competition. The link takes you directly to the application, which is located in the "For Students" section of our site.

International Careers Workshops

Illinois CIBER, in conjunction with the area and thematic studies centers, invites speakers with international experience from a variety of settings to discuss their current position, overseas experiences, education, training, and to offer tips to students who are interested in working internationally.

International Job and Internship Websites

A collection of career, internship, and related resources from a variety of educational, government, international, commercial and non profit organizations.

International Business Case Competitions

The Illinois CIBER supports several international business case competitions for undergraduate and graduate students. In some cases, teams are comprised of students from the University of Illinois together with students from overseas partner universities. They learn to work together as a multicultural team.

Internationalizing Doctoral Education in Business Conference

This biennial conference is designed to increase the globalization of business doctoral program nationwide, influence a new generation of doctoral students to approach their studies with an international perspective, and help develop an international peer network. This conference is typically held every other year.

Workshop for Doctoral Development in International Business Research

Illinois CIBER sponsors a doctoral development workshop that focuses on internationalizing research and how to get published in top academic journals.

International Education Week

This campus initiative is comprised of a series of academic, cultural and recreational events designed to foster interest in the global community. The goal of this week-long event is to raise awareness about the breadth of international activities, the wealth of multi-cultural organizations and groups on campus, and the plethora of resources in Illinois.

Distinguished Speaker Series

Each year Illinois CIBER invites individuals of high distinction from industry, government, and academia to give presentations on timely international business topics.

International Concentrations, Minors, and Majors

Illinois CIBER supports the development of specialization courses in international business and related areas for the undergraduate, Master's, and doctoral programs. As one of the few elite universities in the country that offers a major in international business at the doctoral level, the center is strongly committed to advancing the interdisciplinary study of international business as a research specialization.

For Faculty

Faculty Development in International Business (FDIB)

Illinois CIBER provides scholarships for faculty to attend faculty development workshops and conferences that help internationalize their teaching and research. Please contact our office for additional information.

Language Course and Materials Development and Delivery

Illinois CIBER supports the development and delivery of business language classes and other foreign language opportunities through it annual research and course development competition.

Business Foreign Language Instructor Workshops

Business foreign language instructors meet to exchange best practices and network.

CIBER Business Language Conference

The Illinois CIBER co-sponsors the annual business language conference and provides travel grants for faculty to present and attend.

American Council on Teaching Foreign Languages (ACTFL) Oral Proficiency Interviews (OPI) Workshop

A 3-day workshop for language teachers to learn methods for assessing language proficiency.

Practicum for the Teaching of Less Commonly Taught Foreign Languages

A full semester course for best practices in the teaching of less commonly taught foreign languages.

Joint Area Studies Center (JACS) Conference

The Illinois CIBER co-sponsors an annual conference with the area and thematic study centers on campus each year on a timely topic.

Academic Conferences

The Illinois CIBER works with other CIBER schools and the University of Illinois area and thematic studies centers to offer academic seminars and conferences on cutting-edge topics in international business research.

Databases for Business and Economics Library

The Illinois CIBER supports the acquisition of relevant databases that are important research tools for student and faculty projects.

International Business Institute for Community College Faculty

This biennial institute targets community college faculty who want to add an international component to their teaching or research.

International Summer Institute

An annual opportunity for K-12 teachers to earn continuing education units and learn about a variety of international topics. Co-sponsored with the area and thematic studies center, topics have included: world religions, the influence of popular culture, international economics, and world music.

Workshop in International Economics for Middle and Secondary School Teachers

This workshop gives middle school and high school economics teachers the knowledge they need to incorporate international economics concepts into the classroom. Lectures by University of Illinois economists are combined with hands-on games and activities presented by Council on Economic Education staff.


This annual celebration of languages and cultures is geared toward students and teachers at the junior high and high school levels. It provides opportunities to use language skills as well as explore new languages, cultivate cross-cultural understandings, and enhance global perspectives.

Illinois International Review

CIBER, along with the area and thematic studies centers, contributes articles for this newspaper with a circulation of 4,500 that goes to K-12 teachers and institutions; peer institutions; diplomats; deans, directors and department heads, and others who have an interest in international affairs. The global engagement section is geared toward resources for K-12 teachers. It is published four times per year.

For Business

Executive Research Roundtables

Facilitates timely information exchange and exploration about the latest developments in international business research and practice.

Export Seminars

Hands-on workshops to teach small- and medium-sized business how to export their products.

Import/Export Compliance

The Latest Terrorism Requirements from the US Government Seminars: Business people are updated on important changes in regulations and programs that can affect the timeliness and content of their shipments.

NAFTA and Free Trade for Manufacturers

This workshop is tailored for businesses with limited experience in international trade and will cover the basics of regional value content calculations in an easily accessible, non-technical manner.

Visiting Research Fellows

Fosters collaboration and mutual learning between researchers from academia and industry in advancing international business practice.

Professional Development Workshops

Offers opportunities for business professionals to acquire specific international skills and competencies for effective job performance.

Illinois International Business Calendar from the International Trade Association of Greater Chicago (ITA/GC), a not-for-profit, voluntary business association dedicated to promoting international commerce in all its forms.

Student Intern Sponsorships

Provides opportunities for companies to help develop students' international business skills and cultivate their interest for possible future employment.

Student Consulting

Provides opportunities for companies to have student teams tackle a particular problem and present their results and recommendations.

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